Fueling our Future – Ecofacts V.10 n.2

fueling our future

Speaking of bright energy futures, we have an organization here in S.B. that is devoted to the goal of fueling our future. The name is surprising - the World Business Academy.  The clincher is its defining caption and descriptor "Taking Responsibility for the Whole".  Business is the most powerful voice on the planet, says Matt Renner, executive director, "the Academy has been working at the … [Read more...]

Sunny Solar Energy Outlook for 2015 – Ecofacts V.10 n.1

sunny solar energy

For ecofacts 10th year, we begin with good news in the energy realm boding well for 2015. A glut in the oil markets mean less profitable production.  How's that Keystone pipeline looking now? Humorous perspective I thought, in a headline from USA TODAY:  Oil prices fall 46% in 2014, worst since 2008  Terrible, isn't it?  And so gasoline and heating oil prices are down -  for drivers that's … [Read more...]

Winter Solstice and Lunar Happenings – Ecofacts V.9 n.52

winter solstice

Last Sunday brought us the winter solstice - the shortest day ushering in the winter, and the southernmost sunrise and sunset in our northern hemisphere skietides here is Santa Barbara and great beach walks for the holiday time. Tides are at their greatest range with new moons and full moons. From new moon to full is 14 3/4 days. With such a great effect on our large bodies of water, how about us … [Read more...]

Good Eco Cheer for Renewable Energy – Ecofacts V.9 n.51


Re: The state of the world.  There is actually some news to celebrate, while chatting with friends and family over drinks and good food this holiday season...or at least inwardly one can be glad. The race to get as much oil and gas from the ground as possible has slowed considerably, thanks to plunging energy prices, and in some cases, concerns about fracking. In New York State, Governor Cuomo … [Read more...]

Christmas Economics and our National Character – EcoFacts V.9 n.50

christmas economics

In one sense, the Christmas season gives us another definition of "purchasing power", as it is, after all, a season of giving and sharing, a time when we think more of others. If we get a charge buying things and spending money, the pleasure is even greater doing this for family, friends, and charity. And the big boost to our market economy can't be ignored, the workings of which are viewed as … [Read more...]

Abundance vs. Gluttony – Ecofacts V.9 n.49

abundance vs. gluttony

It's holiday time. Abundant food, drink, things purchased, and then the requisite gluttony and abundance of waste that follows. Americans have the highest calorie intake in the world, not surprising, at 3770 per day, but it is only 110 more per day than bread-pasta-gelato loving Italians. This number is a bit misleading, though, because it includes waste, as they can only count what is produced, … [Read more...]

Abundance vs. Scarcity – Ecofacts V.9 n.48

abundance vs. scarcity

The nature of abundance vs. scarcity is fascinating to me, and this time of year brings it to the fore, when giving and receiving are in focus. Decisions to buy things or services as gifts, and for whom, the temptations to buy for myself, when I need nothing.  Materially, I have a bit of scarcity mentality, realizing this when I feel I must be sure to have more than just enough of something, which … [Read more...]

Is Fast Fashion Waning? Ecofacts V.9 n.47

fast fashion

Is the fast fashion trend waning?  We can hope so. People in the U.S. spend more on clothes than ever before, an average of around $900 per person and 64 garments bought in a year (average price $14 each). They are sometimes poorly made and with fabrics that have toxic levels of phthalates another chemicals, but that is a whole other issue.  Fast fashion has been big in the last decade or more - … [Read more...]

Abundance vs. Waste – Ecofacts V.9 n.46

abundance vs. waste

As we approach Thanksgiving and the holiday season, I hope to explore our notions of abundance and waste. Just a little bit! The word waste plays a huge role in recent human civilization. It is meaning-full -  as a noun - trash or garbage,  or a failed opportunity; and as a verb, to squander or destroy.  Archaeologists and anthropologists of the future will find much to say about human … [Read more...]

Good Wood Governing & Logging – Ecofacts V.9 n.45


So now that Republicans have much more control around the country than they have had for a long while, it will be interesting to watch both the constructive and dismantling forces at work, since generally this party supports efforts to build business and wealth, and cutting regulations that might infringe upon those efforts. Not there will be massive change. People tend to resist that. Speaking … [Read more...]