Hoppy Easter – 2 Day Sale

Easter egg hunt

This year, you AND your kids discover the joy of livingreener with our egg-cellent savings of 20% off our entire selection of baby and kid products. Fill your cart, then fill her basket with products that have passed our rigorous Shades of Green analysis. Discover why we love, trust, and offer each brand on our site on every single product page in the "Why We Recommend This" section. Hop to … [Read more...]

Watch out for those nanomaterial finishes on your fabrics!

Via Environmental Building News: Nanoparticles are ubiquitous and can be either naturally occurring or manufactured, but researchers are just starting to study them closely, and safety questions remain unanswered. Properties vary greatly from material to material and even within the same element: some carbon nanotubes do not affect human health, for example, while others, like those found in … [Read more...]

14 Things to Look For in Furniture for a Healthier Lifestyle

Tigre Cork

When you are shopping for home furnishings for a healthy, comfortable low-impact lifestyle, consider the following attributes for your accessories and furnishings: Products made of non-toxic materials (they do not produce hazardous off-gassing and are safe for children to be around) Products made by fair-trade companies,or companies whose own operation practices are environmentally … [Read more...]

Ecofacts V.9 n.14 galluping for answers

You've probably heard the news about the recent IPCC report on climate change, it was a doozy, describing in detail the potentially and quite certain disastrous effects of a warming planet due to anthropogenic (human caused) emissions. There will be a few positive effects too, but the negative ones will win out. Climate change "is having an impact on every ecosystem from the equator to the … [Read more...]

Ecofacts V.9 n.13 Big Box, Big Impact


You know that things are starting to shift when the big box stores take notice and…perhaps even act. The actions mentioned here if seriously pursued, could have tremendous results in human and environmental health, as apparently 127 million Americans visit Walmart and its subsidiaries each week.* Walmart (also Sam's Club) recently announced a new policy on sustainable chemistry in … [Read more...]

Ecofacts V.9 n.11 Them bones, reefs, pt.2


via Barbara Hirsch, recording engineer, eco-person There are so many parallels between our own personal ecosystems and others, and in the case of pH, these are crystallized. The mini ecosystem of our mouths, our saliva begins to break down foods that are teeth chews. Bacteria eat sugars producing lactic acid, lowering the pH and potentially  demineralizing teeth, causing cavities. (The super … [Read more...]

12 Ways Kids Can Help Save GALLONS of Water

water-conservation-small image

Saving water these days can and should be a family affair. Here are 12 key ways your kids can help: 12. Turn the water faucet off while you are brushing your teeth. When you are ready to rinse, fill a glass with water to finish rinsing.11. Choose your water glass for the day, or use a refillable water bottle for your water that is all yours. This cuts down on washing different glasses and wasting … [Read more...]

Ecofacts V.9 n.10 pH – our own ecosystem

Acid Causing Foods

via Barbara Hirsch, recording engineer, eco-person   Life is a balancing act, and the pH of a system is a perfect example. Numbers higher than 7 on the pH scale are alkaline and lower is acidic, and here are some pHs of our bodily fluids:  blood =  7.35 - 7.45     saliva =  6.4 - 8    urine = 4 - 8     stomach acids =  2(ish)    small intestine = 8     intracellular fluids = 7 and … [Read more...]

Quiz – How Water & Energy Saving Savvy Are You?

In light of the water and energy crises we’ve been seeing this year around the world, we’ve decided it’s high time to highlight water and energy efficiency on livingreen. As we do every month, we’ve got a quick quiz to see how “saving savvy” you are with respect to water and energy. Once you've finished, we'd love to hear how you scored! Did any of the correct answers surprise you? … [Read more...]

10 Common Myths About Saving Energy

Environmental Choice

Which one is the most surprising for you? Join the conversation in the comments below! 1. Turning appliances and electronics off saves energy. It does, but not as much as if you unplug them. Anything with a display still use power Unplug or get a power strip so you can easily turn items off and on. 2. Screen savers save energy. Not at all. A screen saver is just a file that your computer … [Read more...]