U.S. and Global Soda Sales – Ecofacts v.9 n.37

Although soda sales are down in the U.S., global soda sales are still rising. More interesting is that while soda sales in general are down 3% and have been declining for nearly two decades, diet Coke and Pepsi are down much more - 7%  - here in the U.S.. Bottled water, energy drinks and ready to drink coffee and tea sales are up.  People are becoming slightly more health conscious, or speedy. … [Read more...]

Coffee Culture – Ecofacts v.9 n.36

American Coffee Culture

Coffee culture -  sure is different than it was 50 years ago, that coffee that was poured in homes and coffee shops. Now, 83% of Americans drink coffee, 63% daily, and a third of all Americans drink a "gourmet coffee beverage" every day! The soaring demands for it mean that much more of it is grown, and as usual, that means a greater impact. On us, perhaps, but certainly on thousands more acres … [Read more...]

Water Bottles and Soda Bottles in Landfills – Ecofacts v.9 n.35

soda bottles in landfills

Water has returned to first place in popularity of beverages in the U.S.. Water consumption has increased in the last decade with the sales of bottled water, to 58 gallons per year, more than a third of them -  21 gallons - are bottled. Soda was in first place before, peaking in the late nineties at a rate of 54 gallons per year average, which means for 300 million Americans, including all those … [Read more...]

What We Drink, Part I – Ecofacts v.9 n.34

Untapped Water Savings via the Pacific Institute

Okay, to state the obvious: Every living thing needs water to survive, every drink that touches our lips, every bite that enters our mouths, every thing we encounter and use, every day. Our current drought is forcing us to rethink what we drink and how we use it - how much fresh water goes down the drain, for example. And this drought won't be the last one, so things will have to change. Our daily … [Read more...]

The New Divas – Panaget Flooring From France

Panaget Flooring from France

Livingreen is please to announce it now carries Panaget Flooring. In our showroom we now have large samples of Panaget’s Diva Line. Established in 1929, Panaget is one of the leading French manufacturers of wooden floors. Panaget wood flooring, made from genuine French Oak in France comes complete with a 30 year manufacturer’s guarantee and is Carbon Footprint Compliant. But the real beauty of … [Read more...]

Ecofacts v.9 n. 33 Desalinization During Drought – Pros and Cons

To be sure, desalination has been a hot topic in California and other drought stricken parts of the globe. Fresh water supplies are always limited to less than 1% of all water on the planet.  Needs increase with the population while more droughts threaten existing resources. In the last 5 years, desalination capacity, globally, has increased 57%. The Middle East could be a model for this, now and … [Read more...]

Ecofacts V.9 n.32 Seaweed – too much of a good thing

Seaweed is algae, and is, as with so many things, necessary and all good. Until there's too much of it.  As home and food for myriad creatures, as a CO2 sink and as an ecosystem filter, it consumes great quantities of nitrates, ammonia, phosphates and metals, thereby filtering the water of elements that  are undesirable for other life forms. It performs many valuable functions. If there is too … [Read more...]

Seaweed, Kelp, Wakame, etc. Why Does It Matter? Ecofacts v.9 n.31

My eyes were opened, reading about kelp and other marine algae, and my curiosity whetted. Could all that plant matter out in the great oceans be used even more as a source of nourishment for our growing population, without us overharvesting the hell out of it, as we are wont to do with anything we want....to do? Other than with sushi, and perhaps an occasional seaweed salad, most of us Americans … [Read more...]

Environmental Value of Kelp Forests – Ecofacts v.9 n.30

Those of us who do ocean sports here and elsewhere are intimately familiar with kelp, the fly gathering mounds of it on the beach, becoming entangled in it in the water, but also its sheer graceful beauty. When the water is clear, looking down into a kelp forest is like glimpsing a fairytale world, evoking the magical experience of snorkeling. I gratefully watched kelp harvesting one day while … [Read more...]

What’s Hiding In Your Water?

contaminants in the water supply

Our last blog post on the key takeaway when watering your garden has left many of our readers asking... If that's what's happening to my plants, what am I using to wash my dishes, clothes, body, and brush my teeth? No wonder so many of us are turning to bottled water!   Alarming Water Realizations There are over 2,000 contaminants in the water supply, including several known poisons. The US … [Read more...]