What’s Hiding In Your Water?

contaminants in the water supply

Our last blog post on the key takeaway when watering your garden has left many of our readers asking... If that's what's happening to my plants, what am I using to wash my dishes, clothes, body, and brush my teeth? No wonder so many of us are turning to bottled water!   Alarming Water Realizations There are over 2,000 contaminants in the water supply, including several known poisons. The US … [Read more...]

A Surprising Way To Help Your Gard’n Gro (At Least, It Was For Me!)


Let me preface the following post by saying that my family's vegetable garden is an everchanging experiment. We want to grow our own food, but were always thwarted by a variety of different conditions. First, the only place we had for a vegetable garden was a hill. So, we tried a variety of different arrangements until we found that sinking pots into the ground helped not only with holding the … [Read more...]

Non-Toxic Sealers, Fillers, Glue and Specialty Products

Many projects call for specialty items.  In many instances we do not think of the toxicity of these items for we are more concerned in getting a specific project completed.  Even so Ecos has fulfilled many roles with the following products. These products are 100% non-toxic, solvent free, odorless, organic and are specifically formulated for the chemically -sensitive and the allergy-challenged. … [Read more...]

Exterior Paints and the Environment Surrounding Our Homes

The toxicity of outdoor products tends to get overlooked.  Outdoor applications may not immediately affect indoor air quality but over time could become part of a larger problem.  For instance, all one has to do is stop and think about how toxicity would affect the life cycle of animals whether at the apex or at the very beginning.  And then one can think about toxic chemicals and seepage into our … [Read more...]

Non Toxic Stains, Varnishes & Sealers

WoodShield Stains

Like Primers, Stains and Varnishes have also previously been especially difficult for the chemically sensitive.  ECOS has solved the problem with their odorless VOC free line of non toxic stains & varnishes. For Use on Furniture, Woodwork, Doors, Floors and CabinetsFast Drying, No Odor, No Solvents & Zero VOC.Available in Gal., Qt. & 2 OZ. Sample Sizes WoodShield Wood … [Read more...]

The Best Non Toxic Interior Paint for Chemically Sensitive


Part III – Our View on the Best Non Toxic Interior Paint Concerned about the toxicity of the paint, stains and sealants in your home? Since 1999 livingreen has been helping those who are chemically sensitive find 100% non-toxic, zero VOC paint, stains and sealants. Let our design pros help you decide on the best type of paint, shade and quantity for your job. Just call us toll-free at (866) … [Read more...]

ECOS Air Purifying Non Toxic Paints


Part III – A Paint Line for the Toxic Home If you are living in a home with toxins, you might consider the ECOS line of Air Purifying non toxic paints.  The air in your home can be up to 70 times more polluted than outdoors - a cocktail of solvents and chemicals like formaldehyde from sources such as carpets, furnishings, MDF, some paints and lacquers, cleaning products, personal products, … [Read more...]

Zero VOC, Non Toxic Wall and Wood Paint Primers


Part I - Primers Concerned about the toxicity of the paint, stains and sealants in your home? Since 1999 livingreen has been helping those who are chemically sensitive. The paint industry has come a long way in the last decade.  Many companies now offer Zero VOC paint.  However, just because a paint claims to be “Zero V.O.C.”, that paint may contain toxic chemicals. By law many chemicals do not … [Read more...]

Play Ball with these Upcycled Father’s Day Gifts

Baseball Bat Bottle Opener

Father's Day Gifts for Your Favorite Sports Fan Father’s Day is around the corner and if your Dad is a baseball fan, these unique gifts from Tokens & Icons are sure to be a hit!  Choose from a bottle opener or two styles of wallets, these fun gifts are made with authentic game used Major League Baseball bats, balls and uniforms.  Each piece comes with its own Major League Baseball … [Read more...]

Graduation Gifts, 6 Gifts to Make the Best Impression

Lexon Document Bag

Today’s savvy graduates want to go out in the field with the look, the attitude and the right accessories.  After all, what you carry can tell others of your style and that can invite endless opportunities.  Livingreen has the perfect graduation gifts for today’s graduate.   With arresting features, functionality and the environment in mind, this selection is sure to please every graduate. As you … [Read more...]