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Basketry: Recycling Nature into Art - Natural Fibers At Play

Posted by Ellen Strickland on

Nationally recognized local artist and craftswoman Christine Adcock, who specializes in natural fiber basketry, is now showing at the Livingreen Gallery. Her work is a wonderful compliment to the African Textile Show that opened June 1st and runs through the end of July.

The baskets in this collection are inspired not only by the work of African indigenous peoples, but by people throughout the planet who live in simple harmony with an awareness of the earth. The materials in these pieces begin as natural leaf sheaths, flower stalks, leaves, and seed pods and are now recycled into these vessels.

Christine says “I strive to take beautiful elements of nature and put them into a context where people will take the time to appreciate their perfection.”.

These pieces are coiled, hand-built or plaited from pine needles, date palm fruit stalks, jacaranda seed pods and leaf sheaths, broom corn, yucca and natural gourds. Christine hopes this work serves to honor the cycles of life and inspire with the elegance of the natural world.

Many of the materials Christine uses are seen in other fiber art pieces throughout the show. Bamboo shows up in baskets, matting, and textile trim. Palm and grass fibers are worn in costume and used as basket structure or mat fiber. The look and finishes vary widely despite the material being the same. This is particularly apparent in Christine’s work.

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