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Floor Tapestries: New and Traditional All In One

Posted by Ellen Strickland on

There is a new gallery space at Livingreen designed to showcase finished applications and art pieces that promote healthier home and work environments.

Featured are exclusive floor tapestries inspired by designs from the royal harem Topkapi Palace of Istanbul. This is the first time they have been translated as kilim tapestries since the 1400’s. In keeping with the notion of using natural or sustainable flooring materials, these kilims are a beautiful solution to traditional area rugs.

There are only two places in the United States to view these floor tapestries – Palm Beach and Santa Barbara. Each is handwoven of 100% sheep’s wool and cashmere, dyed with organic vegetable dyes that are non-toxic and colorfast. It takes approximately six months to weave one of these tapestries and another month to wash and prepare for sale.

Custom-designed commission pieces are also available.

These exclusive floor tapestries are only made with excellent grade non-toxic wool that is double-knotted for superior strength. This practice maintains a regular and consistent field. They are the highest source of pride for the Turkish women who weave them.

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