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Linoleum: Smart and Affordable

Posted by Ellen Strickland on

Linoleum is one of the most natural, practical, and cost efficient types of surface material in residential and commercial renovation. Noted for its design quality and durability, natural linoleum is essentially made from the same renewable and natural raw materials that began its manufacture over 120 years ago in Europe.

Many people consider it to be one of the “greenest” flooring products available. The essential ingredients are:

  • linseed oil that naturally off-gasses to create a surface barrier that prevents bacteria from growing
  • cork powder harvested from the outer bark of cork trees grown in Portugal, Spain, India, or other arid climates. The cork is primarily scrap from other manufacturing processes, so it can be considered both renewable and recycled
  • wood powder salvaged from sawdust, again a recycled product
  • organic and non-toxic pigments to give color and pattern
  • limestone as a filler and color agent
  • natural jute fiber in an unrefined form that is used to create a stable sheet backing

When compared to other flooring materials, linoleum’s versatility in design and performance make it a natural choice. Where vinyls may have a five-year life cycle based on replacement demand, natural linoleum can last more than 20 years. Its manufacture process extends the color and pattern throughout the material, so that if it does get cut or nicked the same color shows through from below. Its sophisticated color palattes and patterns are designed to support the overall room design, not detract from it.

The combination of health benefits, natural ingredients, and a long life cycle, make linoleum a smart, beautiful and responsible surface solution.

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