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Recycled Tile

Posted by Christopher Horner on

Tiles are found everywhere in the home: on floors and walls, kitchen counters, in swimming pools and fountains, walkways and terraces, around a fireplace, in bathrooms, and even on the roof. They may vary in their color, strength, or the way they are manufactured and finished, yet they all begin with a natural material that is ideal for home surfaces.

Recycled content ceramic tiles are an underutilized yet cost effective alternative for installations. Their high density and durability increase thermal storage capacity in flooring and structural applications inside and out. High density limits moisture absorption and creates a temperature-resistant surface ideal for both wet and dry surfaces. In addition, recycled- content tiles are also good for passive solar design in climates such as ours, with warm days and cool nights.

For the chemically sensitive, ceramic tile grouted with cementitious mortar offers an inert surface that conforms to ecological standards. Mortars, grout, and adhesives are available for tile installation that are low -VOC without petroleum or plastic additives.

Several companies now make ceramic based tile of 70% waste glass collected from light bulb manufacture and from recycled automobile and airplane windshields removed in routine airplane maintenance. The glass is ground down and mixed with ceramic base and new pigment to create designer line tiles that perform much like a mid-grade Italian porcelain tile. These tiles can be utilized to create and match traditional designs and patterns found in many older homes throughout our area.

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