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Sleep Systems: Do As the Romans Did

Posted by Ellen Strickland on

Many of us spend about one third of our day every day in the same contained environment – sleeping.

We breathe into and surround ourselves with the bedding frame, mattress, bedding, and pillows. The more natural the materials we use; cottons, wools, linens, natural latex, the healthier the space. Unfortunately, we also inhale whatever finishes, solvents, sealants, preservatives, or treatments have been applied to the materials.

For example, 98% of most of the wool allergies people suffer from usually have more to do with the chemicals that are used to treat the wool than with the wool itself.

It is possible to create a “breathing” bed system of natural and organic materials that is designed much like the human body with a vertebral spine, muscle, and skin. Using Merino wool shorn from living sheep as the bedding material of choice, the Samina bed creates a sleep system that naturally wicks away moisture and humidity from the body, removing toxins and salts from the skin, and inhibiting dust mites.

The natural latex foam core is derived from the purest milk of the Brazilian rubber tree for better elasticity, or “muscular” structure, and the ashwood slatted mattress frame contours to the body to provide better alignment and counter pressure to the natural S-curve of the spine. This bedding system is intrinsically temperature controlled year-round and has stood the test of time since Roman days.

It makes sense to put a little extra care and attention into the place that impacts our health and well-being so much of the time.

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