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Flexible Tambour Paneling: Bamboo Is On A Roll

Posted by Ellen Strickland on

Bamboo is a favorite renewable resource at Livingreen that lives up to its promise as an attractive alternative building material. Timber bamboo is a fast growing grass that can grow to heights of over 40 feet with a harvest cycle of 4-7 years (as opposed to 120 years for hardwoods). Once mature, a bamboo forest has an extensive root system that is capable of producing new timbers for decades. It is harvested by hand, which minimizes environmental impact. No pesticides or irrigation are required, and it grows well on difficult sites, such as steep hillsides.

We are always looking for unique bamboo applications, and tambour is just that.

Tambour is a flat paneling material made of kiln-dried strips of bamboo that are laminated to a thin jute or cotton cloth backing. It is sold in 4’ x 8’ sheets that bend and are flexible. It is 3/16” thick, but gives the appearance of solid wood when glued down. There are two color choices: natural (green aging to a honey color within a years’ time) and amber.

It is available in three finishes: raw, unfinished and pre-finished, which comes with a urethane finish. Both the unfinished and pre-finished have been stripped of their bark. All have the distinctive bamboo nodes or knuckles that mark growth.

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