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Innovational Wallcoverings: Sustainability Sold By The Yard

Posted by Ellen Strickland on

Yes, there are earth-friendly wallcoverings available for homes and workspaces that reduce both the amount of natural resource necessary for manufacture and the pollution produced. There are no industry standards yet for making “green” wallcoverings, but there are some companies working to provide materials that meet design expectations while surpassing safety compliance and environmental concerns.

One collection we have found offers Type II 54” wide wallcovering that is washable, scrubbable, and breathable. They use water-based inks that contain no heavy metals, the colors and textures are both rich and vibrant, and the papers themselves are interesting combinations of cellulose, natural fibers, and recycled materials.

There are grasscloths made from honeysuckle vines, natural corks in random blocks colored with metallics from mica on cellulose backing. There are sisal coverings from recycled sisal carpets, an organics line made from green tea, coffee, or mugwort. There are lines made from hemp cloth in combination with cottons, rayon, viscose, cellulose, and plant skins.

The inks used in green wallcoverings are water-based, containing no heavy metals such as chromium, mercury, lead or cadmium. There are no VOC’s and consequently no harmful off-gassing. Many are breathable, which aids in reducing mold and mildew on the wall, an excellent solution for areas of high humidity or for people with allergies and chemical sensitivity.

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