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Looking Good Inside & Out

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One of the biggest offenders in causing toxic indoor air quality is paint. This should, however, be a demon of the past as there are now several companies focused on producing paints that do not compromise our air quality. Livingreen carries three such brands, selected for the quality of the product (no green washing here) in helping provide our customers healthier options.

VOCs or Volatile Organic Compounds, are unhealthy or toxic airborne particles off-gassed by many conventional materials, including paints. The lower the VOC content, the healthier the product. All the paint brands that Livingreen sells are zero VOC and the colorants we use to tint the paints are also zero VOC.

The paint lines Livingreen offers are:

AFM Safecoat, American Pride and Yolo Colorhouse

Common Features:
• Low or no odor
• Excellent coverage
• Spatter Resistant
• Durable, washable finish
• Zero VOC

Paint Products:
• Drywall Primer
• Multi Purpose Primer
• Transitional Primer
• Ceiling Paint
• Flat
• Pearl
• Eggshell
• Semi Gloss
• Cabinet & Trim
• Exterior Satin

AFM Safecoat Paint
Safecoat, one of the only doctor recommended paints on the market, is an excellent choice for personal health, especially for the chemically sensitive. Their unique formulation helps block toxic emissions from seeping into your environment.

But Safecoat goes beyond addressing the VOC content of their products. There are numerous unregulated toxic ingredients in paint (such as formaldehyde, ammonia, acetone, exempt solvents and odor masking agents) that cause indoor air pollution. Safecoat eliminates these toxic ingredients so your paints are free of solvents, heavy metals, chemical residuals, formaldehyde and other harmful preservatives. The result is a “safe synthetic” paint line.

All Safecoat paints clean up easily with water. They can be tinted to virtually any color and are available in all the standard finishes.

American Pride
American Pride’s company mission is to produce “high performance, environmentally responsible products.” Their paints are always solvent-free (zero VOC), and never contain chemicals that are suspected carcinogens. American Pride paints exceed the stringent environmental and performance testing standards of Green Seal and the Master Painters Institute. Not only is this great for those living and working in the newly painted spaces, but it’s also good news for those applying the paint!

What’s more you don’t have to compromise with a limited color selection – American Pride offers over 940 standard palette colors, plus 1232 signature colors and a 24 hr matching service to formulate a non-toxic version of most paint colors on the market!

YOLO Colorhouse
YOLO Colorhouse combines environmentally responsible interior and exterior paint products with a user-friendly designer color palette positioned to inspire confidence and creativity. These zero VOC, Green Seal certified paints are manufactured at an eco-friendly low-waste-producing facility. The interior palette of 40 hues is inspired by nature.

YOLO also has an Outside formula. Again zero VOC, and 100% acrylic to ensure lasting performance. It outperforms leading premium, conventional paints in independent accelerated weather testing. Available in Velvet Flat, Satin, and Semi-gloss the Outside palette has 36 hues again inspired by nature.

One of the things we love about YOLO, aside from the paint itself, is the poster size color swatches (23”x27”) that are coated with the real paint. No need to waste paint, money and brushes while you figure out which color you like. The repositionable tape on the back lets you move colors around from wall to wall and room to room. You can either reuse your samples as wrapping paper, art paper… or take advantage of Livingreen’s Reduce Reuse Recycle deal and bring the posters back (in good condition of course) and receive a credit against the YOLO paint that you end up purchasing!

All our stores have color fan decks available for the above three paint lines. Customers can either purchase the decks or sign them out for a week at a time. ‘Paint experts’ are also on hand to help you make the best selection for your specific needs. The Culver City and Santa Barbara stores also have tinting machines so they’re able to tint the paint in all sizes from quarts, to gallons to five gallons.

So stop by one of the stores and get inspired or feel free to contact us if you have questions: call (866) 966-1319.

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