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KisClean Degreaser

KisClean Degreaser

  • $6.60

Non-Toxic Cleaner
16 FL OZ (473mL)

KisClean Non-Toxic Degreaser is a tough, strong organic solution. It has been formulated to clean without causing oxidation (rusting) on any metal containing iron. It is versatile and highly effective as a cleaner and degreaser on oxidized paint, animal fats, blood stains, and protein stains. KisClean Degreaser breaks down and removes contaminates fast. It also rinses and dries quickly, without leaving harmful residue.

Recommended Uses:
Service bays, shop floors, greasy walls, work benches, engine pumps, compressors, ovens, stove tops, microwaves, cabinets, fans, break dust, parts washers, and trailers. Works great on boats – interior/exterior.

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