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Indoor - Outdoor Low Odor Non - Toxic 'Penetrating Waterstop' Sealer - 5 Gallon

  • $184.90

AFM Safecoat Penetrating WaterStop improves water resistance and repellency in a wide variety of surfaces, including brick walls, concrete foundations, stucco, stone and most unglazed tile. Because Safecoat Penetrating WaterStop low odor and not toxic, it is ideal for use indoors instead of a typical high solvent content sealer; yet, it is durable enough for use outdoors. It is particularly useful as a periodic maintenance coat for surfaces originally treated with Safecoat WaterShield.

***Note: Prices include a mandatory fee as required by law stipulating that retailers charge a per unit fee on "architectural coatings". For more information please go to***

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