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Green Products

Livingreen offers a wide variety of building finish materials and design furnishings that are beautiful, practical and which comply with our environmentally conscious standards:

  • paints and other coatings of the lowest VOC content (VOC stands for Volatile Organic Compounds, unhealthy airborne particles that are present in many non-green materials)
  • products made from recycled materials that look great and divert waste from landfill
  • natural and sustainable furnishings, flooring, and finish materials
  • smart, energy-saving systems for the home and work environment.
  • products for the chemically sensitive
  • books, gifts, and accessories that pass green awareness on to family and friends

How and Why We Choose Our Products

Livingreen’s trademarked green-product-evaluation program, SHADES OF GREEN, helps staff and customers alike understand how and why we choose our products:

The matrix of questions and categories rate the products for how ‘green’ they actually are —from Budding Green to Deep Forest—grading them against other products in their category as well as other products in our stores. SHADES OF GREEN considers all the steps involved in getting products to the customer – from manufacture and transportation through disposal and reuse…the entire product life-cycle. We continually update our product mix and information to bring our customers the very best green choices available.